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Investing in the Smartwell water system could be the smartest thing you do this year.

As more and more companies recognize the huge benefits of supporting the health of their employees, many are considering changes to their break room offerings. If your Durham, North Carolina company would like to go this route, at SociaBull Coffee Company LLC, we recommend the Smartwell water system. The Elkay One Smart System is a custom beverage center that gives each person the opportunity to create a refreshing drink. They get water their way, choosing from still water or sparkling water and then adding in natural flavors and zero-calorie sweetener using a mix-and-match touchscreen interface menu.

Smartwell Water in Durham, North Carolina

The Smartwell water system saves time, space, and money over using single-serve beverages that are also not very eco-friendly. Instead of single-use plastic bottles or cans, the multi-use pouches create less waste for our planet. The system is a technological wonder in that its connected system sends a message that a flavor or enhancement pouch is low and the replacement is shipped right to you with no effort on your part whatsoever.

As for being healthy, Smartwell water definitely is! The flavors are all-natural and gluten-free. In addition, there are added options to choose from, including natural sweetener, caffeine, electrolytes, and Vitamin C. The user can choose how much flavor they wish in their custom beverage, as well as which flavor.

A hydrated staff is a healthy staff, and that means a highly productive one! Investing in the Smartwell water system could be the smartest move you make. Reach out today to learn more about the benefits and our other beverage services.

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