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We set the bar high for coffee services so you can enjoy an exceptional experience.

There are two misconceptions about coffee services. The first is that all coffee tastes the same and the second is that all services are mediocre, at best. At SociaBull Coffee Company LLC, we aim to prove to as many companies in the Durham, North Carolina area as possible that you can have exceptional coffee and attentive coffee services, provided you call the right coffee and custom beverage provider, namely us! We raise the bar high when it comes to providing unrivalled coffee services because we do not want any of our customers to ever feel underwhelmed by the service they receive.

Coffee Services in Durham, North Carolina

We love working with customers who see the value in the customized coffee services we provide and who appreciate a superior level of service along with high-quality products and supplies. If you believe that the quality of coffee you provide for your staff and customers matters, you won’t settle for less than our coffee services. When you turn to us for your coffee services, you are supporting your community– not only us as a local business, but also local coffee roasters.

We offer coffee services to dentist and orthodontist offices, university departments, corporate offices, law firms, automotive dealerships, apartment communities, hospitals and other medical facilities, hotels and motels, and pretty much any business that has a waiting area or employee break room. If you want to show your employees, customers, and others that you care enough to provide them with delicious fair-trade coffee and custom beverages, reach out to us to learn more about our coffee services. We take care of everything, including supplying you with the right coffee machine for your needs, handling the cleaning and maintenance on it, and taking care of restocking.

FAQs About Our Coffee Services

Here at SociaBull Coffee Company, we offer a variety of coffee services to help you give your workers a great break room experience. Below, we will go over a few of our most frequently asked questions on this subject to help you get a better understanding of what we can do for you.

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What coffee services do you offer?

Our team offers several great coffee services to help you keep your break room well-stocked and your workers satisfied. First, we can provide high-quality, fair-trade, gourmet coffee that tastes much better than any coffee you could find at a store. Second, we can schedule regular restock services to make sure you never run out of our coffee, which eliminates the need to have to shop for coffee yourself. Third, we offer high-quality coffee brewing equipment, allowing you to create a wider variety of coffee drinks, and we can maintain these machines for you to make sure they don’t break down.

Why should I use your coffee services?

We started offering our coffee services with the goal of helping business owners create a better break room experience for their teams. Taking regular breaks during the workday has been shown to boost productivity, and making your workers’ breaks a more satisfying experience with delicious coffee will boost their loyalty and satisfaction as well.

Do you offer any options for people who don’t drink coffee?

Yes! We understand not everyone drinks coffee, so we offer several other services to give non-coffee drinkers great options as well. Our team offers Elkay Smartwell water systems, which allow you to customize your water with flavors, carbonation, and more to create a variety of customized drinks.


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