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Our “water your way” solution is a modern-day water cooler that you and your staff are sure to love.

Remember those old movies and television shows where the office staff stood around the water cooler for impromptu meetings and for social interaction? If you have plain water at your Durham, North Carolina business, there probably isn’t much of that going on. That’s a shame since picking each other’s brains to solve a dilemma can be quite productive. Your staff will also be able to think more clearly if they are properly hydrated. So, how can you encourage them to drink more water? Simple. Call us at SociaBull Coffee Company to discuss our “water your way” solution.

Water Your Way in Durham, North Carolina

Our brand new, state-of-the-art Smartwell system is a modern-age water cooler that gives each person the opportunity to choose their beverage their way. They’ll be able to choose between unflavored water or water with a single or mixed fruit flavor, still or sparkling water, and be able to customize it with enhancements, including caffeine, vitamin C, and electrolytes. With natural flavors and zero calorie sweetener, this system provides a healthier alternative to sugary beverages.

Even if someone adds nothing at all, they’ll love that the filtration system delivers water free of odd flavors, not to mention particulates, lead, chlorine, and other contaminants. All fruit flavors and enhancements are also gluten-free. Our “water your way” solution is eco-friendly. Its multiuse pouches reduce waste that would be produced using single-use plastic bottles, glass-jarred drinks, and canned beverages.

Our “water your way” solution has a benefit that you, as the business owner, will also love. The connected system sends an alert to us when a flavor or enhancement is running low so that we can replace it without you needing to let us know. You won’t have to stock inventory or worry about running out. We have it covered. Call today to learn more about our “water your way” solution or about our other services.

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