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Gourmet, free trade coffee beans ground and brewed fresh make a delicious cup of coffee!

The vast majority of coffee beans on the market are Arabica coffee beans. As the legend goes, humans first learned about the amazing coffee plant when a goat herder in Ethiopia made the observation that his goats were more energetic after they chowed down on coffee beans. Another effect of coffee is that it can curb your appetite. Interestingly enough, the Turkish name for coffee is kahveh, with the derivative of qahiya which translates to “to have no appetite.” That little history lesson aside, how is it that coffee can range so much in flavor if it comes from the same coffee plant? Well, there are several reasons actually.

Coffee Beans in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Where the coffee plant was grown, how old the coffee beans are, the brewing method, how soon after grinding the coffee was brewed, the water used, and conditions during transportation are just a few of the contributing factors. At SociaBull Coffee Company, we want our Chapel Hill, North Carolina customers to have the best possible experience, so we have a few ways that we ensure that you get a great cup of coffee from the coffee beans we offer.

First of all, our coffee beans are roasted locally. This supports our local economy, but also eliminates transportation issues. The next is that we provide “just in time” delivery so you don’t have coffee beans sitting around your office in storage where they can get stale. To be sure you get the freshest experience, we offer an Italian designed and manufactured coffee dispensing system that grinds and brews one cup at a time. If you would like to know more about our gourmet, fair trade coffee beans and our coffee services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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