Smartwell: Custom Beverages at the Touch of a Button

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The Smartwell system is revolutionizing how customers and staff can experience and enjoy custom beverages by offering a creative and engaging ways to make drinks. At SociaBull Coffee Company, we stand by this innovative technology, and we offer it to our clients in order to enhance their break rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, and more.

Smartwell: Custom Beverages at the Touch of a Button

The Smartwell beverage system’s main component is a sleek, contemporary dispenser with a touchscreen user interface. Users can create their own beverages by accessing the control panel. The Smartwell system provides various options for different tastes, including energy drinks, teas with bespoke flavors, and water infused with fruits.

Making custom beverages is easy with the system, as the user-friendly touchscreen interface guides users through the process, which offers options for adjusting things like flavor intensity, sweetness, and more. Furthermore, by offering alternatives for low-calorie, sugar-free, and natural ingredient selections, the system also caters to people concerned about their health.

The Smartwell system can learn and suggest new custom beverages based on user preferences and history. This level of personalization can encourage people to stay hydrated, try out new flavor combinations, and treat themselves to a healthier beverage than soda. Additionally, the system offers data analytics and maintenance alerts that make it easy to keep ingredients well-stocked and the machine functioning without a hitch. This makes it the perfect option for a variety of places, from business offices, hotels, hospitals, and any other facility with a waiting room.

Custom beverages can encourage your staff and customers to stay hydrated in a fun and creative way. Contact our team today to learn more!