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Turn to us for fair trade coffee that is the “ResponsiBull” choice.

When you consider that roughly 10 million tons of coffee beans are produced around the world each year, it makes sense that regulations could get pushed to the side in some situations, particularly in developing countries. The conditions can be startlingly atrocious in some situations. At SociaBull Coffee Company, we choose not to be a part of supporting this state of affairs, so we opt instead to offer fair trade coffee to our customers in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.

Fair Trade Coffee in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Fair trade coffee represents a small proportion of the coffee sold and consumed, but as more people understand what it means to seek out fair trade coffee, conditions can improve. The way it works is that coffee producers in developing countries are able to sell to buyers from a developed country with certain rules in place. First, minimum prices are set that enable the producers to uphold fair trade standards for labor practices, workers’ rights, and land management.

What this means to you as someone who purchases fair trade coffee is that you can support coffee producers that pay their people a fair wage, do not use forced or child labor, and are good stewards of the environment. Since participating coffee producers cannot utilize GMOs and are using environmentally friendly practices, you are assured a delicious and healthy product.

We call ourselves the “ResponsiBull Choice,” so it stands to reason that we’d offer fair trade coffee for area businesses. If you would like to know more about our coffee and services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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